New Beginnings

The task of writing my first ever blog post seems quite daunting but I am well aware that everyone has to start somewhere if they want to get anywhere. I have battled for a long time now about whether to start a blog or not, so I have finally decided to put on my big girl pants and blog away, figuring there is no time quite like the present.

A little bit of background about me, myself and I should hopefully lure you all in to reading my blog, so here goes. I am a 20 something year old gal who has been brought up in a rural part of the world surrounded by the most beautiful landscapes, idyllic coastlines and the occasional sheep or 20. Rural life is different, but a good different. My home town is small and therefore holds many charming characteristics such as quaint coffee shops, miles of woodland walks and a caring face at every turn. I would say there are also downsides of living in such a small area and BuzzFeed sum it up pretty well in the article ’24 Signs You Grew Up In A Small Town,’ honestly go and have a read, other people who have grown up in similar circumstances will relate. Having grown up in this small part of the world, I feel that no matter where I may travel, it will always be my home and hold a special place in my heart (even though I spent most of my teenager years complaining about how dull it was – I think you gain a different perspective of “home” home when you actually fly the nest). So from that, some of you clever folks may have guessed that I have indeed ‘flown the nest’ and have found myself smack bang in the middle of the city.

City life is different with it’s constant hustle and bustle, thriving nightlife and shops galore, at home we are limited to a few local shops with absolutely no sign of a Topshop or M&S within a 90 mile radius. Thank the lord for online shopping, although this next day delivery that they speak of? Absolute no no when you live in the middle of no where! It took me a while to adjust to the pace of city life but I feel as though I have embraced it with open arms and an open purse (goodbye SAAS bursary)! The reason for moving you may ask? I was accepted to study at university and like all other individuals my age who live in my hometown and wish to go to university, I had to up sticks and head off to the bright lights in order to fulfil my dream, to become a midwife.

Fast forward 2 and a bit years and here I am, in my 3rd and final year of training to become a midwife. I knew from a young age (15 to be precise) that I wanted to become a midwife, a pretty strange career for a teenager to aspire to, don’t you think? That’s what many people said. However I had seen first hand the incredible work midwives do after undertaking a work experience placement with the local team of midwives, and it was then I  knew that I wanted to be exactly like them. They were so kind, caring and dedicated to their work, supporting women at such a vulnerable yet magical time in their life. The satisfaction that the midwives gained from their work was infectious and that was when I caught the bug, the midwifery bug. For the next 2 years I worked my arse off in school as Midwifery places within universities were few and far between, but I was desperate to achieve my goal and I almost have.

I am due to qualify as a midwife in 5 months time (GULP) and although the prospect fills me with excitement and joy it also terrifies me in equal amounts. I will no longer be able to use the ‘I’m just a student’ excuse anymore when someone is looking for a midwife as I will be the midwife, AHH. I have decided to start writing a blog at this time as I think it will be an excellent way to reflect on my training and my soon to be newly qualified status, whilst hopefully inspiring other people with a midwifery dream to get out there and chase it.

So if rambling posts about all things midwifery and life in general interest you then stay tuned, the next blog post will be just around the corner.



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