The World’s Worst Blogger

I feel like I have started a few of my blog posts with an apology about how rubbish I am at blogging and YEP you guessed it, here is another one. I am SO sorry that I have been totally inactive over the last few months but I can honestly say I have no idea where the time has gone. Between final assessments, placements, work, work and more work, I have barely had a moment to breathe (pathetic, but its true), and any spare moments I have had I have been trying to squeeze in seeing my family, friends and generally trying to have a life. BUT I AM BACK. With some super exciting news, I AM OFFICIALLY A REGISTERED MIDWIFE. I aim to detail everything about my last placement as a student in my next blog post but for now I am going to celebrate my brand new title with lots of gin, champagne and maybe the odd tequila shot or two!



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