20 something year old country bumpkin living in the big smoke and training to become a midwife. Apart from all things midwifery, I enjoy long woodland walks, adventuring to new places, spending time with the absolute best friends a girl could possibly ask for, dining out in as many new restaurants as possible and shopping until I literally drop (I once fainted in a shopping centre, I put it down to wearing an excessive amount of layers and carrying 9 too many shopping bags).

I would say I am a very family orientated person and often make the trip west to visit my parents and brother for the weekend, annoying them to the death and raiding all the kitchen cupboards of delicious foods in the process.

I also have a part time job working at a beautiful Pinterest-esque (anyone who loves Pinterest as much as me will get the gist) wedding venue situated in the west coast of Scotland, even more in the middle of nowhere than my hometown (and that REALLY is saying something!).

I may feature the occasional lifestyle post throughout this blog just to remind you all that there is more to my life than just work. So if everything described above appeals to you then you have come to the right place!



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